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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rue Martin

Lately, the housing market in WaterColor has been pushing for a 2400 square foot, 4 bedroom plan with a secondary master suite on the ground level.  The following plan has been popular, incorporating a covered parking area and a separate family room on the second level.  The curb appeal is more conservative than the Rising Residence, and the living down has a more universal appeal.

The plan originated as an efficient box to minimize cost for an old builder client of mine.  The main volume of the house is 23'x52', because the maximum span for a 16" deep floor trusses is 22' .  The 52' length allowed the plywood subfloor and wall framing to course out.  Depending on the view opportunities and the parking requirements, the additive porch masses can be easily reconfigured to adapt the plan to a multitude of sites.

Note the exterior access to the space under the stairs.  Without a basement, pouring a slab in this space at grade gained 30" of ceiling height to maximize the utility / storage.  The water heaters are more commonly replaced with Rinnai tankless units, which are better suited to second home use.  They don't develop sulfur smells in the tank from anode rods, and they aren't on when the house is unoccupied.  They also don't run out of hot water when everyone takes a shower after a long day at the beach.

These plans are available for purchase through