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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Since 2001, Geoff Chick & Associates has been a leader in developing sustainable building techniques for the unique climate and market needs of Northwest Florida. Our work can been seen along the 30-A corridor in places like WaterColor, WaterSound, and Rosemary Beach.

Many of our clients are concerned with building green because it is, "The right thing to do." However, most of the current publications to feature green architecture lean toward a progressive aesthetic which does not appeal to more traditional tastes.

My argument suggests the Florida vernacular cottage style evolved without the benefit of central air conditioning and is therefore inherently green. By looking to the past, we can emulate those design characteristics which minimize solar gain and promote ventilation.

A well built traditional home will transcend fashion cylces and be more worthy of preservation, likely extending the useful life span of the structure. Choosing the right interior finishes, energy star appliances and furniture can further reinforce environmentally positive design innovation.

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