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Monday, August 16, 2010

Rising Residence

Thanks to the success of plan sales through Sundog Books, Southern Living and Coastal Home Plans, the blog can shift attention away from production minded projects and focus on end user driven custom designs. With financing for new homes still difficult to obtain for many aspiring home owners, the second home market for cash buyers has heated up the Florida panhandle.

Aside from the attention grabbing roofline of the curbside elevation, the interior of the home features an inverted floor plan, or living up design. With lot sizes shrinking and families getting younger, placing the living areas up can help capture views and maximize volume ceiling details.

One of the better bunk bed areas I have seen. My friend Seleta Howard has an extensive collection of bunk areas on her blog, "Simply Seleta." I like how simple and inexpensive the elements of the room are to build, while adding 4 beds to the total of this part time rental.

A desk area for catching up on work while on vacation is a must have. These floors are 6" red oak with an ebony stain. Personally, I like the floors a bit darker, but you can't beat the durability and cost of the red oak. Heart pine is my second choice option, but is typically double the material cost for red oak. Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $4.25 to install and finish.

Fresh bathrooms to recreate the spa experience are also becoming more popular. Multiple master suites and full size closets are the norm in the current design climate.

These images are from a home in WaterColor, Florida. The builder was Regal Stephens, and the project footage was right at 3000 feet between three levels.

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